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   Fear is the element of Understanding - the higher mind of the philosopher, reverence of religion - otherness. All philosophy of ancients was that of Understanding; all philosophy of moderns is that of reverence. It is with understanding that ancients overcame world, and achieved first self-discovery: spirit-consciousness.
   The moderns, however, possess only reverence, and thus they can only perfect and reform; "storm the heaven". Thus it can only go as far as Hegel does, for he had the "most objective system of religion", he pushed spirit-consciousness as far as it could go. And yet, one cannot go more, for he still honors. How is one to lose this honoring, and come, once again, into position of understanding-hungry fear?
   The honoring comes first as habit. The ancients' cost for overcoming the world was this habit, a heaven built, something to honor. For a second self-discovery one needs to destroy this heaven, this honor - he who pays no respects. He who is selfish, he is the chief enemy of the moderns: the egoist. Only in the negation of Hegel can it be done.
   Just as in spirit-consciousness, one needn't become separate from the world, but already is such, so in egoism one needn't become good, true man, perfect – i.e., one needn't realize the spirit - he already is such. Indeed, Stirner says, "We are all perfect."
   And as he is now realized, he also does not seek life, for it too, is realized. As such, it is no longer out of reach, waiting, but it is here, and now, to be enjoyed, consumed. He is now the owner of thoughts, too, just as spirit is the owner of the world. He enjoys now everything he can, and everything he enjoys is his property; his property is in his power, what he can enjoy.

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